Thursday, March 22, 2018

Back Once Again & Ready To Get Started

(This imagine does not belong to The Semi-Normal Mom)

Ahhhh Hello Spring and Good Bye Winter!!!

Although we did not have much of a Winter where I'm at. We really haven't had Winter at where I'm at in over 20+ year's, at least since I was a child, or maybe my late teens. 

Anyway's I had barely gotten started on this blog and had barely made any posts. In fact I believe I only had two posts that I had actually gotten published before my computer went ka-put.....

And as such I hadn't been able to get a new computer until recently. And I only had access to the internet via my phone and sometimes my kids kindles. Which also caused other problems because I only had use of their kindles during school hours and even then they didn't have much storage room for pictures and such. They also tended to break their kindles a bunch also. So I was only able to use their kindles for my other blog which is a book blog!!!!

But anyway's I am back and hopefully can get back with the blogging on this blog without any further issues!!!!

So where I'm at it is Spring Break time for my kids. We haven't gotten to do much this Spring Break as on Monday and Tuesday it was gloomy and rainy. It finally started to warm up a bit on Wednesday. Than we were dealing with some issues with our dog. On Tuesday night I saw some slight bruising on his abdomen area, which completely and totally freaked me out. Me being me had to google his symptoms (yes I googled my dog's symptoms) and thought the worse. And was worried we'd have to say good-bye to our pup!!!! Luckily when we took him to the Vets yesterday we found out that he was fine and the coloring I found wasn't bruising and was completely normal!!!!

Now that we only have a few day's left of Spring Break we our finding ourselfs having to drive up to my hometown to get my oldest son his birth certificate. I have been procrastinating getting it for a few months now. But its time to get it, because I have to get him a Passport, as he's supposed to be going to Italy with my father and his wife this summer.  Which is going to be an awesome opportunity for him and one I never had the chance to get when I was his age.  

Disclaimer: The above imagine doesn't belong and isn't owned by The Semi-Normal Mom Blog.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Insulated Lunch Bag Box w/6 Portion Control Containers {Review}

Product Description:

We are a recognized kitchen line with a long, successful history of versatile kitchen essentials. We created a cohesive collections through style, quality, and practicality. We love to make your cooking experience simple & fun. We now offer a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets that will enhance your kitchen experience. From oil presses, organizers, glass jars, and home brew bottles makes your kitchen feel tidy & neat.
This Insulated Thermal Tote Bag is ideal for many different purposes. Plan and prep you meals to stay healthy and content all day. Travel lunch box, School lunch Bag, Work lunch bag, Diet and food portion control planning, Food delivery, Outdoor picnic and lunches. Can also be used as a cooler bag for Hiking and camping.
Made from BPA FREE materials, containers are made from polypropylene, unlike other typical food containers which have many chemicals and alters the taste of your food.
Containers keep food fresh all day and they are also DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE. They come with 6 containers so you can split up your food for extra freshness.
Great for portion control or special diets like weight watchers. Allows a healthy lunch to be eye-appealing and exciting. No need to order unhealthy take out to the office that are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Plan and prep you meals to stay healthy and content all day.

My Review:

So as soon as I saw this product I knew I had to try it. I have honestly these last couple of years, ever since hitting over 30 years old had a bunch of health issues come up. Especially within this past year even more. When I recently had my vital's taken I was told that I was a little bit overweight and was at very high risk for diabetes. I think the thing that shocked me the most with the whole thing was me being overweight. I'm not a big person at all, in fact I'm actually kind of skinny (but not in an unnatural way or anything). I think it had to do with more of what my height is and what my weight is. And of course I'm extremely concerned at the risk of having diabetes. So right than and there I decided I need to take control of my life and start living a healthier lifestyle. 
When I saw this product I thought it would be a perfect start to helping me get back in control of my life with the portion  control container's. I love the fact that these container's are BPA free, so I don't have all that nasty stuff going into my food. I love that it had separate container's for your food. So you know if your one of those people who don't like your food to touch. Or if you just don't want certain foods in your lunch to mix. Or maybe if you have a salad and of course don't want to ruin it by already having the salad dressing on it. You can put the dressing in a different container. 
I really enjoyed the fact that it came quickly after ordering. I also thought that the shaker bottle for a drink was great to have come with it. So at least I didn't have to order that as extra. Also it comes with a freezer pack in it so you can freeze that overnight and keep your stuff cold when it comes to using this lunch bag. And at least also this way you don't have to order any freezer packs for it either.
I'm giving this lunch box 4 Stars out of 5 and would recommend it!!!!

Disclaimer:  I received this product/products for a discount for my honest opinion. The opinion in this post are 100% of The Semi-Normal Mom Blog and may differ from other's.

Brick Fest Live July 8th-9th #USFamilyGuide

My kids, especially my boy's love Lego's. They love everything Lego, if a new set of Lego's 
comes out the automatically want me to get them for them. My oldest who is very artistic and talented with anything he does (not trying to brag or anything), no but seriously if you give him some paper and pencils he can free hand anything. Give him a set of Lego's and he'll build anything out of it. Not as well as the people who do the stuff at Brick Fest. But I think my kid's would  love and enjoy going to this!!!!

July 8-9 LEGO lovers rejoice! The Brick Fest Live LEGO Fan Experience is filled with hands-on attractions and activities built to inspire, educate, and entertain.


Sat, Jul 8, 2017, 9:00 AM - 
Sun, Jul 9, 2017, 6:00 PM EDT

KCI Expo Center
11730 NW Ambassador Dr
Kansas City, MO 64153

MY READERS SAVE! Save $3 off tickets with promo code USFGTHREE

Enjoy an amazing LEGO world where you can marvel at giant creations and even build some of your own.

The Brick Fest Live LEGO Fan Experience provides a venue for LEGO lovers of all sizes to celebrate, build new creations, and see some truly mind-blowing LEGO sculptures to help set the imagination free.

Attractions Include:

The Brick Show Experience: Meet popular YouTube LEGO show hosts from The Brick Show and be featured on in an upcoming video.

Brick Fest Derby: Build and race your custom built LEGO derby car down one of our 35-foot long timed tracks!

Collaborative Building Activities: Contribute to large-scale mystery floor mosaic.

Inspiration Stations: Add to existing LEGO cities and make them your own by building custom creations.

Video Game Arena: Have a favorite LEGO video game? Come challenge your family or make new friends in the Brick Fest Gaming Arena playing your favorite LEGO title head to head.

Mini Golf: A miniature golf course built to inspire! Take your game to the next level on the Brick-Links.

Brick Fest Theater Trivia & Entertainment: Participate in LEGO trivia all while taking a break from what will be an overwhelming amount of awesome!

Mosaics: Using a colorful variety of LEGO bricks, build a piece of art to proudly display for other attendees.

Shopping: Find new, vintage, rare, and custom LEGO sets and merchandise from one of the many merchants in attendance.

MY READERS SAVE! Save $3 off tickets with promo code USFGTHREE

More info - KCI Expo Center
11730 NW Ambassador Dr
Kansas City, MO 64153

Back Once Again & Ready To Get Started

(This imagine does not belong to The Semi-Normal Mom) Ahhhh Hello Spring and Good Bye Winter!!! Although we did not have much of ...